Welcome Back to Breaking Beats
Continuing on with the Moments Series and bringing you some of those classic Tunes from yester Year, that defined my Journey through Drum and Bass and im sure yours too.

As always hope you Enjoy :) Thanks for tuning in.

Future Bound - Sorrow
Expressions Pt- 1 (Tango Remix)- Dave Wallace
Bringing Me Down - Tayla
Let You In - DJ Pulse
Everything - Higher Sense
Heaven - Carlito
Trippin' On Broken Beats (Carlito Mix)
High Times - Big Bud
Intelligence - Unknown(from white Label)
Consciousness - Photek
Droppin Science - Firin' Line
The Greatest Thing - Skanna
Vally Of The Shadows - Origin Unknown
Voyager - DJ Pulse
Free la funk (PFM remix) - JMJ & Richie
Droppin Science - E-Z Rollers
NRG & Conciousness - Flytronix
Thunder - Rood Project

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