Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 26.
On this Instalment we've got some of the Smoothest tracks around at the mo and few im sure you know, from the likes of Random movement, Basic Forces, Silence Groove, Sektor Low 5, The Harmonist, Locksmith, Duoscience and Zero T to name a few.

As always hope you Enjoy :)

Side Hustle - Technimatic
Fly Away - Madcap
Magic Moments - Locksmith
Stolen Soul - Javano
I Know Astral - Valley
Voyager - Calibre
Wave Rhythm - Noulan
Metro - The Harmonist
Break The Cycle - Basic Forces
Slapper - Silence Groove
Pharaoh - The Upbeats Ivy Lab Remix
Sleazy Bitch(lvy Lab Remix) - Random Movement
Goblin Jazz Banquet - Random Movement
Its About To Get Down - Sektor Low 5
Withstand - Zero T
Black & White - Artistri
Arrows - Icicle
Moving Slow - Reds
Those Eyes Phase - Midnight Request
Essential Inch (Phase Remix) - Zero T
Wicked Back - Duoscience
Yung Bongo - Fourward
The Only One - Poschek
Simple as That - Decon
Over There - Chromatic
Sin Reglas - Tire
Shrine - Artificial Intelligence
See Through You - Apache
Introspective - GLXY
Her - MalaKy, Satl

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