Breaking Beats Episode 8

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 8, Rollin off this Episode with a tune from "Essence of Aura"(20 years ago) and what a tune it is, then into some Nice rollers and Vibing out along the Journey. Big Shouts out to RawNFilthy,Andreas Greekboy and The Perception Beatz Radio crew and all those that Support Drum and Bass...Enjoy :)

***So this is Love - Essense of Aura***
Dreaming of Darkness- Scott Allen
High Strung - Blastikz
Far Gone Love - Treex
Bombay - Funkware
Better Days - Artificial Intelligence & D Bridge
Why dont you - Silence Groove
Into You - FD
Only Free - OPTX
Careless - Bayou
Ventura - Tokyo Prose
Things i do - Carlo Eq
Something Refreshing - Maestropiano
Lamuria Rising - Thesis
Overseas - command Strange
wires - Holdtight
Leave - LSB
Close your Eyes - Undersound
Wash away the Years - Kyro
Blue Sand - HLZ
Shortlist - Holdtight
Sunrise - Patience
The End of Introduction - Parhelia
Blessing in disguise - Thesis (Feat Anastasia)
Spice Market - Lost Sequence & Codeshaper

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