Breaking Beats Episode 40

Welcome back to Breaking Beats Episode 40.
Got a packed show full of Awesome Goodies for your Audible Senses
From the Likes of Treex, Dawn Wall, Nostre, Cnof, Arcatype, Total Science, Zero T, Emperor, Levela and Bert H.

As always Thank you for the Continued Support and i hope you enjoy this one :)
All the best Lee (Breaking Beats)

Treex - Since I Saw You
Bert H - Blackhouse
The Invaderz - Limelight
Dawn Wall - Nomad
Artificial Intelligence - 1000 Souls
Cnof - Heartfelt Emotions
Nymfo - In Transit
Nostre - Euphoria
Khiva ~ Still Lost ft- Khiva
Leniz - Why Waste Time
Perspective Shift - Common Anxieties - Silence Gro-
Total Science - Fallen Angel
Arcatype - Hameenlinna
Skyweep - Hodge Close - Original Mix
Silent Witness ~ High Flyer
Nitri - Turn it Around
Zero T - Right Stuff
Emperor - Claws
Humanature - Eleventh Hour - Zero T Remix
Visages - Point Of view
Koherent - Letting Go
Subview - Isolation
LeKtrique,Autodidakt - Shots Fired
Synergy - Process - Original Mix
Circuits - Drench
Levela - Exhale
Macca - Artifact
Dawn Wall - Problems

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