Breaking Beats Episode 39

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 39.
Got a packed show Full of top tunes from the likes of, Anthony Kasper, Logistics, Duoscience, Ownglow, Sustance, Facing Jinx, Low r, Rafau Etamski, Bert H and GLXY, all rolled into a nice little mix for your Audible Pleasure Zones, as always hope you enjoy as much as i did making it.
Big thanks to all the Listeners, supporters and followers of Breaking Beats
its Much appreciated, Thank you :)

Sustance - No Love Lost
Surreal - Minimal
Bert H - Find Me
Anthony Kasper - Over Under
LSB - Drifter
Common Anxieties - Perspective Shift
WMB - Longing For You
Anthony Kasper - Side Effects May Occur
Logistics - Been Dreaming
Rafau Etamski - Tell Me Something
Duoscience - Proverbs 4.23
Ownglow - Won't U
Facing Jinx - Give it Up
T Base - Hurt Me
Camo & Krooked - Tagtraum - GLXY, Satl & Malaky
Blu Mar Ten - Last Life in the Universe
Low r - Back And Forth
Cme - Poleetox
Derrick - Hutsul Voodoo
Dub Elements - Steamy
GLXY - Asbo
Glyph - One Million Ants
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Kilimanjaro
LSB - Tripped
Humanature - Here We Go
Need For Mirrors - Speedy Boarding
Logistics - Hologram
Monty - Hypnotize
St.iff - Dorset Naga
Submarine - Void

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