Breaking Beats Episode 38

Welcome back to Breaking Beats Episode 38.
On This episode wev'e got some Awesome tracks in store for your Hungry appetites.
From the likes of Hugh Hardie, Mohican Sun, Mage, Arkaik, Furney, DJ Patife and Low r
to name a few.
Show starts on a nice Liquid Vibe then progressively moves into the more TechyDarker
side of drum and bass.
As always hope you enjoy

Bert H - Without You
Telomic - Onism - Aperio Remix
Hugh Hardie - Nightingale
Rafau Etamski - Need You
M. Church - Want To Feel
Nemy - Det Snor
lndivision - Pirates - Northern Zone Remix
Mohican Sun - Living This Way
Furney - Windmills of Your Mind
Lock Smith - Jahseh
Andrezz - Scrambled Thoughts
Low r - Over 9000
Mikee - Cry Baby
Nemy - Did To Me
DJ Patife - Unexpected
Mage - Total Indifference
Gunston - Thing Changes
Future Shock - Origins
Akompiis - Voivere
Arkaik - Kid
Telomic - Control - Revaux Remix
Jazzatron - Futureless
Survey - Cold Maneuver
Was A Be - Resolute
Bad District - Prey
Picota & Kumbh - Insane Funk
Midn8Runner - Ward
Freqax - on - Humanon & Tomtek Remix
Synth Ethics - Cloudbreak
Other Spectrum - Tam Kangana

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