Breaking Beats Episode 37

Welcome back to Breaking Beats Episode 37.
Last show of the year.
i would like to wish everyone who has subscribed, downloaded and supported Breaking Beats a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2018.
On this Crimbo installment we got Some Awesome tracks from the likes of, Revaux, Gabu, Koherent, Djah, Monrroe, R1CO, Mindloader, Andy C, SatL, Marnel, Dedman, Composite and Eastcolors to name a few, all rolled up into a lovely little mix for you :)
Once Again Merry Christmas and all the best from Breaking Beats

Hope you Enjoy


Revaux - Sinner

Koherent - Changes

Gabu - How To Listen Jazz

LQ - Half Choir

Cable - When This Was Cool

Djah - Majority

Claude VonStroke - Aundy

Monrroe - Take Me Away

Eastcolors - Believe If You Want

R1CO - Tapes (This Love)

Conrad Subs - Don't Cry

Mindloader - Never Had

Radicall - Laidback

Andy C - Night Flight

SatL - Who Am I

Marnel - Jumper

Phloem - Sidewinder

Dedman - Liquid Flow

Freqax - Circum

Bowsar - Oracle

Victim - Deep Dive

Composite - New Mind

Eastcolors - Demons

Low r - Freeze

R1CO - Hanging On

Covert Garden - Leagues

robbyt - Extempore

Sustance - Unaware

Toez - Your Smile

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