Breaking Beats Episode 36

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 36.
On this Episode we've got some absolute Awesome Tracks from the Likes Of Walk R, Dualistic, Jrumhand
Phil osophy, Nelver, Monroe, Voltage, Tremah, Pe-Rex, Mystical Sound , Need For Mirrors and Boston to
name a few, all rolled up in a lovely little mix for your Audible listening pleasure.
As always big thank you to everyone who takes the time to listen, download etc to my humble little podcast
its always appreciated, thank you :)

Hope you Enjoy
Moresounds - Lightness (BreakingBeats Beat Mash)
Voltage - Out of Luck
Walk R - All I Need
BertH - Aurora
Duoscience - 4Ever Up
Dualistic - Station Six
GLXY - Lucid
Edlan - Horizon
Jrumhand - October
Phil osophy - Remember
Nelver - Untold Soul
Krakota - Laguna
Monroe - Winters Touch
Duoscience - Astronaut
Camo & Krooked - Mandala
Tremah - Monsoon
RadicalI - Lost In Time
Trex - Soul For Sale
Simple Technique - Cold Steppin
Document One - Pulse
Calyx & TeeBee - Scaramanga
Stomp - Chasm
Trex - Turncoat
Mindmapper - Absolution
T.I -All I Do
Daitek - Red Shift
Pe-Rex - Calyx
Boston - Periphery
Mystical Sound - Gunman
Need For Mirrors - Hazy
Cruk - Cow Top
Scar - Break It

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