Breaking Beats Episode 35

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 35,

On this Show we've got some absolute real treats instore for your Listening pleasure,

with Tracks from the likes of Treex, The Vanguard Project , Pola & Bryson 

Artificial Intelligence, Soul Savaz, R1CO, Chaser and Jazzatron taking you on an Audible journey through the Drum and Bass Genre.

As Always Hope you Enjoy


all the best Lee (Breaking Beats)


Treex - Hopefully
The Vanguard Project - 12 Hours
Pola & Bryson - Delphic Underworld
Soul Savaz - Hearts to the Heaven
Koherent - Night Cycles
Notion - Nothin But Broken
Revaux - Accelerate
Ed:it - The Junction
MSDOS - Country Dropies
Alexvnder - Let It Show
Artificial Intelligence - True Colours
Kodan - All Good
Pola & Bryson - Call Of The Night - Silence Groove
The Vanguard Project - Losing Track of Time
Aphrodite - Power Bass
MRSA - Stuxnet
Disaszl & Alibi - Double Trouble (Original Mix)
Green Vibes - Lost Contact
Jazzatron - Prove di groovah
Limewax - NYC
MAV - Northern Lights - Future Engineers Remix
Rift - 6ne
R1 CO - Believe In Me
Berth - Bring Away
Chaser- Deep Waters
Jazzatron - Eparandom
QZB - Valhalla - Digital Bonus Track
GLXY - Yes Jah
Sweet & Sikka - Rising Sun
Kiril - Minimal Instinkt

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