Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 28 ;)
on This Episode we have some absolutely Beautifally crafted Tracks from the likes of
Mitekiss, Payback, GLXY, Humanature, Jazzatron, Actraiser, Azhot, Degster, Furney and
Nelver to name a few.

As usual i hope you enjoy and i really appreciate the followers and positive comments that i recieve.

Spencer - Mitekiss
Drawing With Light - Actraiser
Feel It Comin' - Azhot
Antihero - Technimatic
One More Time - Humanature
Second Sign - Seirious & Kelayx
Crystal Soul - Nelver
Lies feat. BLAKE - GLXY
Hard Truth - Imprint (Colossus Remix)
Far Away - Handra (Ed:it Remix)
Plano Emozionale - Jazzatron
Tate & Lyle - GLXY (Phaction Remix)
Carcal - Wyman (Smooth N Groove Dub)
Payback - Shooting Stars
Clean - Reds
The True Meaning - Joint Stock Galaxy
Dolciona Productions - Jazzatron
Iron Clad - Contra
Feel Like You - Degster
Profile - Level 2
Ego Dissociation - Drumcatcher
Peace Signal - Brain
Directions - Furney (Smooth N Groove Dub)
Shanty - Elias & Mystic State Remix
Enclosure - Bungle

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