Breaking Beats Episode 12

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 12 Liquid Drum and Bass Show.
Once again taking you on a Delicious Journey thru some Liquid Vibes.
As usual a few words from myself at begining then into the Mix.

Hope you enjoy :)

Your Love - Oliver Ferrer
Choices - Deeper Connection
Jazz Cat - Treex
Clouds - innaself
Stand By You - in deed
Soul Priestess - Actraiser
So Bad - Severity Zero
Subconscious Journey - in deed
Flight To Nowhere Basic Forces
Funny Forced - Funkware
Live Circle - Mjazzy
Please Leave Me - Terri Orton
Blaha - Phaeny
Divine Inspiration - Actraiser
All Going Wrong - Phase 2
Back And 4th - Phat Playaz
Tailored Mind - Woodtekr
Pulsar - Xtc Nottingham
Blame You - Mefius(Ivy Lab Remix)
Time ls The Fire - Defcon OneTotal Science (Total Science remix)
Blockhead - Kasper

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