Breaking Beats Episode 29

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 29
On This Episode we've got some Awesome Tracks From the Likes Of Bert H, Oddsoul, GLXY, Lenzman, Radicall, Twintone, Kitcha, Hidden Wave, Control Change & Need For Mirrors to name a few.

Special Thanks to everyone who follows and listens to the show and as usual Hope you Enjoy :)

Deep Inside - Bert H
Nightfall - Oddsoul
Unfinished Business - Cosmology
Dakota - Twintone
Soul Deep - Furney
Make It Through - Karma
Luminescence - GLXY
Diplomatic - Dawn Wall
The Panama Papers - Dave Owen
African Dream - Lenzman
Don't Wake Me Up - Kasper
Summer Evening - Radicall
Babylon Step - Ed it
Tune Fi Tune - Kitcha
One Step Closer - Facing Jinx
Angles - Brain
Black Rose & Cassis - D Flect
Qbig & Zenith B - Hold Me Close
Everything -
How It Is - Chill Collective
Hurts - Need For Mirrors
Venom - Tinderbox
Don't Turn it On - Mystific
North and South of the River - Control Change
Eastern Breeze - Degster
The Rootz - Too Greezey
Wood & Water - Need For Mirrors
United As One - Javano
Spiritual - Cutworks

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