Breaking Beats Episode 27

Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Episode 27
Been a bit longer than usual, busy doing Life Etc, Anyway got a packed show for you, with some Awesome Tracks From the Likes of
Basic Forces, Nu Logic, Silence Groove, Pola & Bryson, Nymfo, Marcus Intalex, Phil Tangent, Marga Man, Ed it, Joakuim to name a few.
Please feel free to comment
and as usual hope you Enjoy :)

Pauszek & Gushito(Basic Forces Remix) - Airy Monday
Nu Logic - Watercolours
Logistics - Tell Me True
Silence Groove - Allright
FD - Through
Silence Groove - Higher
Ed it - Turn to Nothing
Nymfo - Game of Love
Pola & Bryson Ownglow Remix - Things I Do
Hydro - Ephemeral
Escape - MT
Arkaik - Chu Kou
Shiver - Falling Down - Conscience Remix
Joakuim - Tempest
Marcus Intalex - Step Forward
Bachelors of Science - Kanto(Quadrant Remix)
Cybass - It's A New Life For Me(Big Bud Remix)
Phil Tangent - As Much as I Can Take
Lowbreaker - Gone With the Wind
Malaky - - Reflections(Electrosoul System Roller Remix)
Donkai Kong - Underground
Marga Man - Street Knowledge
Soligen - Pretty Eyes
Silence Groove - Who Will Love You
Satl - You and I

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